Inbound Tea Ceremony Experience Tours are about to begin!

Inbound Tea Ceremony Experience Tours are about to begin!

12月 13, 2023 | Tea Ceremony Tours

At last, the renovation of our tea room is almost complete. This time, we added a roof to the crawl entrance to ensure that rain doesn’t fall, allowing us to enjoy authentic tea ceremonies. We also replaced the crawl entrance door and tatami mats, preparing for next month’s hearth opening ceremony. Regarding inbound tours, we aim to have the website, brochures, and other materials completed by the end of this month for the December launch. We also hope to enable online payments through Square. Today, I tried the lights and candles that arrived just in time for the evening tea ceremony. Indeed, the atmosphere in the tea room at night is wonderful! In the orthodox tea ceremony, there is only the night storytelling tea ceremony for evening tea, which is not very common. However, enjoying tea while observing the flickering of the enchanting Japanese candles is truly special. We will provide details about the formal courses and fees at a later date.



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