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Authentic Japanese Tea Ceremony Tours in Yugawara, Manazuru

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Tea for Inner Peace

An authentic Tea Ceremony experience at SHOFU AN.

SHOFU AN is a traditional Tea House, distinct from the urban counterparts, offering its guests an unparalleled, immersive Tea Ceremony experience, resounding with the harmonious symphony of the surrounding nature.

Upon your arrival at SHOFU AN, you will be greeted by the tea master and the awe-inspiring panoramic view of the Manazuru ocean. Since you are the only group of guests for the day, your journey into the ancient Japanese art is guaranteed to be completely private and unforgettable.

SHOFU AN Tea Ceremony tours offer from a casual Tea Ceremony to a full-scale Tea Ceremony experience with Thin Tea (Usucha), Thick Tea (Koicha), Kaiseki Bento, Sake, Japanese confectionery (Wagashi) and more.



The Japanese tea ceremony, also known as “sado” or “chado,” is a traditional cultural practice in Japan that involves the ceremonial preparation and serving of green tea, known as matcha. It is a highly choreographed ritual that reflects the principles of harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility.

Heavily influenced by Zen Buddhism, Sado was said to be initiated its development in the late 15th century by a Buddhist monk and tea master.

Today, the tea ceremony is both a traditional art form and a means of promoting cultural exchange, mindfulness, and appreciation for Japanese culture.

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    Located on the mountainside overlooking the ocean of Manazuru, SHOFU AN is a Japanese traditional tea house meticulously designed to provide authentic experiences that allow you to immerse yourself in the ancient Japanese culture.

    Sado Tours

    Japanese Tea Ceremony Tours

    From casual tea ceremony to full-scale tea ceremony experiences


    Floating Tea Room Tour | Standard Tour | Premium Tour | Luxury Tour | Optional Tour

    Floating Tea Room Tour

    45 mins | ¥5,000 + tax per person

    *The tour duration is adjustable upon request.

    Thin Tea

    Tea Ceremony in Floating Tea Room

    This is a light and casual tea ceremony experience tour in the newly constructed “Floating Tea Room”, in which you have a chance to appreciate Thin Tea (Usucha) while enjoying the breathtaking ocean view of Manazuru.

    Standard Tour

    90 mins | ¥15,000 – ¥18,000 + tax per person

    *The tour duration is adjustable upon request.

    Thin Tea

    Tea Ceremony in tea room

    Welcome to a journey into the heart of Japanese culture and mindfulness. This tour offers you a casual, basic Tea Ceremony experience with Thin Tea (Usucha). It is available both during the day and at night.

    Premium Tour

    120 mins | ¥20,000 + tax per person

    *The tour duration is adjustable upon request.

    Thin Tea & Thick Tea

    Tea Ceremony in tea room

    Delve deeper into the world of Tea Ceremony with this premium tour offering Thick Tea (Koicha), which involves a more formal and precise procedure than the preparation of Usucha, accompanied by wagashi (Japanese confectionary) to balance its intense flavor.


    Voices of our delighted guests

    Luxury Tour

    240 mins | ¥45,000 + tax per person

    *The tour duration is adjustable upon request.

    Complete Tea Ceremony Experience

    Tea Ceremony in tea room

    This tour offers a complete Tea Ceremony experience with both Thin Tea (Usucha) and Thick Tea (Koicha), along with Sake, Kaiseki bento box, which is a traditional, multi-course Japanese meal, and wagashi (Japanese confectionary).  The tour also includes Sumitemae, the charcoal preparation. (Notes : Halal, vegetarian, or vegan bento is not available.)

    Optional Tour

    30 mins | ¥5,000 + tax per person

    Thin Tea Making Experience

    Make your own tea in living room

    In this optional tour, you will have the opportunity to make your own thin tea (Usucha) under the guidance of the tea master within the comfort of a cozy and serene living room. As you savor the tea, you will be treated to a panoramic view of the Manazuru ocean, providing a truly enriching experience.  You may add this tour to any of the SHOFU AN Tea Ceremony tours.

    Important notes

    • On the day of the tea room experience, please refrain from using perfumes, hair products, or other scented items.
    • If possible, wear socks and pants (rather than shorts and being barefoot) when you arrive.
    • If you are using the pickup service, please meet at the designated location 30 minutes before the tour starts.
    • Please follow the host’s instructions for taking photos within the tea room.
    • Pick-up service at Manazuru Station, Yugawara station or your hotel is available based on the distance. Please consult with us.

    Sado Experience

    Benefits of Sado

    Mindfulness and meditation

    The tea ceremony emphasizes being fully present in the moment and cultivating a sense of mindfulness. Participants focus their attention on each step of the ceremony, from the preparation of the tea to its consumption. This can promote a sense of calm, tranquility, and meditation.

    Appreciation of aesthetics

    The tea ceremony incorporates various elements of traditional Japanese art, including the design of the tea room, utensils, and the presentation of the tea itself. It encourages participants to appreciate the beauty of simplicity, harmony, and minimalism.

    Mind-body connection

    The tea ceremony involves specific physical movements and gestures, such as the precise handling of utensils and the graceful bowing. This integration of body and mind can enhance body awareness, coordination, and gracefulness.

    Tea Master

    Your guide to true Sado experiences

    Haruyoshi Fujino

    藤 野 晴 由

    A former business elite who thrived in Japan’s retail industry, Fujino has journeyed across the globe, pursuing studies in the United States and venturing into entrepreneurship in Singapore. Today, he serves as a retail consultant and advisor for multinational corporations.

    In the second phase of his life, spanning over a decade, he has dedicated himself to the world of Japanese Tea Ceremony. His inspiration for embarking on this journey was a deep-seated desire to introduce the pinnacle of Japanese cultural art, known as Sado or the way of tea, to international audiences with the utmost authenticity.

    Juggling his active role in the corporate world, his involvement in tea-related activities occurs sporadically. He also delves into the reasons behind the growing interest of business elites from around the world in the way of tea.

    Recommended Book by Tea Master
    Wabi Sabi: Japanese Wisdom for a Perfectly Imperfect Life
    Beth Kepmton

    Shofu An

    Experience the rich heritage of ancient Japan.

    1F Main Tea Room

    2F Floating Tea Room


    5 minutes from the nearest station.  55 minutes by train from Tokyo.

    〒259-0311 Kanagawa Ken Ashigarashimo Gun Yugawaramachi Fukuura 83-16

    55 minutes by train from Tokyo.  20 minutes walk from the nearest station Manazuru Station (5 minutes by taxi)
    Pick-up service at Manazuru Station, Yugawara station or your hotel is also available based on the distance.  Please consult with us.